10 Things You Can Do With an Apple Cellular Watch

Do you use a cellular Apple Watch? Or would you get a cellular version? Next, make sure to check out this post over here. It has some great Apple Watch information that can help you out. The new Apple Watches are out, and the holidays are approaching. If you’re in the market to buy an Apple Watch you might be thinking do I go with cellular or GPS? I was someone who thought going with cellular was dumb, but now I wouldn’t go any other way.

Let’s look at the number one reason why I would go cellular, and 10 everyday uses for a cellular version of the Apple Watch. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I did make a post on 10 everyday uses for any Apple Watch.

Things You Can Do With An Apple Cellular Watch

There are people who are on the fence, do we go with it? I’m not sure. And then there are people that think it’s completely unnecessary. I used to think it’s completely unnecessary. But in today’s guide, I will show you 10 things you can do with your apple cellular watch.

10 Things You Can Do With an Apple Cellular Watch

You buy the Apple Watch, you pay $100 more because it’s cellular. You then pay 10 to $15 a month for cellular service. Over the course of three years, you’re paying about $1,200 with this watch. That sounded like a complete waste of money to me. But last year it clicked, what you’re paying for when you buy a cellular Apple Watch is being able to disconnect. Now, I know there’s gonna be people out there that are like, just disconnect, leave your phone at home. And for a lot of people, that’s just not possible.

Apple Cellular Watch Features

So the Apple Watch with cellular gives you the tools you need to stay in touch with family, get your work done, connect with friends and not miss any of those important communications that you may need. A cellular Apple Watch lets you disconnect from all the distractions of a smartphone, but give you the tools to take care of your personal life and work-life for communication, even checking emails, sending messages, really a lot of stuff you could do over cellular while leaving the iPhone at home.

You think about it that way and you pay 10 to $15 a month to disconnect for your own mental health, to go on a hike or walk without the phone there, and still have those tools that you need. That’s definitely worth it to me. Now here are 10 things that you can do with the Apple Watch while on cellular and leaving your phone behind.

Make Phone Calls

Number one, and probably the most important is being able to make phone calls. Now you can make a phone call using the speaker that’s built into the Apple Watch, or you can pair a set of Bluetooth headphones or AirPods to it and have a conversation that way. I found that having AirPods in the sound is great. I wouldn’t be able to tell that I’m using the watch.

Make Phone Calls using Cellular Apple Watch

Here’s how you’d make a call. You have access to your favorites, recent, contacts, or you can use the keypad to dial in a phone number with just the Apple Watch and some AirPods.


Number two is music, radio, and podcasts. For these, you are gonna need a set of Bluetooth headphones. You can’t listen to music using the speaker in the Apple Watch. You also can’t use third-party services. Pretty much the only things you could do with an Apple Watch on cellular are Apple apps, but there are a lot of great tools as you’ll see.

With the music app, you have the option to look for things within your library, check out your different playlist, or choose the listen now option. That’s gonna give you access to different things that you may have listened to.

Music on Cellular Apple Watch

So you could grab your stations or you can go through and look for some different things to listen to. With the radio, you’re gonna get your different stations here and just different stations that you may listen to. You could browse some of the other stations or pick based on genre. With a podcast, you can go through and see the different podcasts you subscribe to.

And now I can select my AirPods Pros With the regular Apple Watch, you could download music and podcasts and leave your phone behind and play directly from the watch. I never download anything in advance so having the flexibility with a cellular Apple Watch really is great, ’cause who knows what I’m gonna be doing through the day. I might go for a hike. I can just grab some music or a podcast and.


You’ll get the notifications that you would normally get on your phone but with a lot of them, you’re not gonna be able to respond to them. Now, things like messages and emails you can respond to, which is really nice. So you can get a preview if those things are there, respond or get back to that computer to take care of some business.

Notifications on Cellular Apple Watch


If you get a notification that an email comes through, you can open up the mail app, take a look at that email, choose to respond to it if you want, delete it, it’s really easy to respond using dictation.

Type in an email to try this out over cellular with my Apple Watch. I find it’s great for those emails that you have to respond to quickly, or maybe it’s one of those ones that’s it’s just a little short email. You answer it quickly and it’s off your plate.

Mail Apple Cellular Watch

So if you do have to respond to a mail, there it is, just came in. Dictating the emails is very quick to do, and it’s a great way to be able to respond while disconnecting from your phone.


Messages are great. You can send over cellular iMessages, SMS messages, and MMS messages. Really to be able to dictate a message quickly is very convenient. I respond to a lot of messages using dictation because it is so fast and easy.


While on cellular, Siri is still available and very helpful for interacting with the phone over cellular, such as responding to those messages, using dictation, or asking for directions to somewhere and loading a map up.

Siri apple cellular watch

You can make calls with Siri and so much more. Now I wouldn’t consider Siri the brightest smart assistant, but it’s not bad when interacting with watchOS, macOS, or iOS apps. I find everything’s very responsive and accurate in those situations, but you wanna search for something good luck with that.

Home App

With the home app, you can trigger scenes and your devices, right from the watch. Maybe you need to remotely unlock the door for someone, or you realize that you left the lights on, all that stuff you can access if you made it one of your favorite scenes or favorite accessories on your iPhone.

Home App Apple Cellular Watch

I can connect to my camera from my watch and now I can see a live view of my backyard. Controlling your smart home from your wrist on cellular, potentially in the middle of nowhere without a phone is pretty cool.


You can continue to access reminders or create new reminders over cellular. I love reminders. I keep track of things I need to do throughout the day. I use it to jot down ideas and I sync my shopping lists. So if something pops into my head on a hike that I need to remember, just jot it down in reminders.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay will work on non-cellular versions of the Apple Watch, but I think it’s such a great feature that it’s worth bringing up here, especially now with not wanting to have contact with certain surfaces with everything going on. It’s nice being able to use Apple Pay, but if you use Apple Pay from your phone, if you have a mask on it’s, the Face ID doesn’t recognize you. The Apple Watch you’ve already unlocked it ’cause it’s on your wrist.

Apple Pay Cellular Apple watch

So a double tap on the side button will bring up your credit cards for Apple Pay, you select one, stick it over the reader, no touching anything, very convenient. Glad that works with or without a phone.

Health Apps

This is another one that works on cellular or GPS models of the Apple Watch. But since fitness tracking is a huge feature of the Apple Watch, I think it’s good to mention it in this article. So you know that you don’t need your phone to take advantage of tracking your workouts, to be able to access the different workouts.

Health Apps Cellular Apple Watch

Don’t know what happened there, I totally lost my train of thought. Your activity app will continue to work and track your progress throughout your day. You can use the different workouts, especially the combination of GPS is great and the compass for running around and doing some of these workouts.

On the screen now are the different apps that work on both cellular and GPS models without the phone. So you see that between the cellular and the GPS apps you do have a lot of stuff you can do without a phone.


Now let’s talk about what the big thing is missing on cellular Apple Watches.

Third-Party App Support

So if you listen to audiobooks on Audible, you’re not gonna stream those over cellular. You only can stream Apple audiobooks. You’re a Spotify user. You’re not gonna be able to take advantage of cellular and stream Spotify. Not having third-party apps over cellular may be a deal-breaker for some people.

Just something to think about if you use a non-Apple service. Another thing to think about is these cellular Apple watches are meant to be away from your phone for a certain period of time.


Apple, when they do all their battery calculations, they’re not doing a full day with this thing, just being completely free of a phone. They’re doing mixed-use.

Battery Apple Cellular Watch

I usually use mine for about two to three hours on cellular if I’m out for a hike, but I wouldn’t expect to use it for eight hours away from my phone and still, get good battery life. Overall, the Apple Watch to me is about disconnecting from the distractions of a phone, but still, having all the important tools that are cell phone offers. Being able to leave the phone at home is nice. It does feel weird to not have the phone in the pocket and know your phone is on your wrist, but it also feels very freeing.

Wrapping UP

The cellular Apple Watch has a lot of features and can be used in many ways. It’s possible to use it for work, health management, family time, or just fun! What are your favorite uses? We hope we have covered all the important points which I feel the cellular apple watch gives us. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to Tech Lops for more informative guides.

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