Download TL Pro APK No License 2022 1.44.12 (Full Version)

Updated 17-MAR-2022
Current version 1.44.12
MOD Unlicensed
Android required 5.0 and later versions
File size 338MB
Category Adventure
developer PixelCurves

TL Pro Apk is the perfect tool if you are a fan of Terraria, you probably know that resource gathering is one of the most important aspects. Without enough resources, you can’t research, adventure, or build anything. Also, it is quite difficult to collect resources. Upon joining the game, players are only given a hoe or an ax to cut down trees and destroy the forest.

Players will have to spend some time accumulating resources before wanting to do other things. But with the application of android tl pro that we introduce, players no longer have to worry about it. This app is like a power pill, quickly adding power to players, especially new players who want to explore faster.


What is TL Pro for Android?

It is clear that TL Pro is a cheat tool for Terraria. It helps you create resources, money, enable/disable infinite health, energy and stamina. You need it if you want to explore the vast game world without worrying about your resources and the vitality of your character.

Features of TLPro

After downloading Terraria, players need to install the APK version of TL Pro and launch it. You will get a lot of resources without spending too much time collecting them. As a result, things like building a wall, crafting weapons, clothing, vehicles, or even building a village can be done quickly. When night falls, monsters and zombies are ready to go hunting. Although they are very powerful, players can face and fight against them thanks to the advantages obtained through the TL Pro app.

After downloading the program, players also receive a collection of costumes, without wasting time on assembling them. Most costumes are available, from normal to legendary, such as Ancient Gold Helmet and Ancient Shadow Armor. They are not only attractive in appearance, but also help the player character to develop stronger combat skills.

Download TL PRO APK
Download TL PRO APK

cheat menu

TL Pro has a cheat menu that allows players to enable/disable cheat features. This provides convenience as players can select a cheat mode using a desired cheat mode instead of using all the features of this app. Some popular cheats include infinite health/mana. You can even turn ghost mode on/off to prevent enemies from spotting you. Players will no longer have to worry about being chased when building buildings.

However, the app has a slight drawback as this cheat menu only works in single player mode. It becomes useless when playing multiplayer.

If you don’t like the style of the original map in Terraria, TL-Pro it will also solve this problem for players. It allows you to load and replace packages (textures, characters, maps) from other developers. If you want the game to look more unique and individual, feel free to choose a separate package for yourself.

TL Pro Mod Apk
TL Pro Mod Apk

intuitive interface

The developers also strive for a compact and intuitive interface so as not to overwhelm the original game’s interface. The interface of TL Pro for Android is built in a rather unique block style. Menu functions are professionally designed, intuitive, and can be collapsed when not in use, or switched to another menu tab by swiping up the screen.

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Download TL Pro APK

  • Download the file TL Pro Apk
  • Grant permissions in settings to install apps from unknown sources
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager or directly after downloading)
  • Run the app to open it.

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