4 Banned Android Apps That Are Not On The Playstore

Hey guys it’s me, Michael. While I was working on an old phone to revive my old android phone, I had to download some apps, but it was not on the play store.

But I remember downloading those apps from the play store a long time ago. Which got me thinking about some other awesome apps that got banned from the play store.

Banned Android App

Then I got an idea to list the best apps which are banned from the play store & represent them in front of you. So in this guide, we are going to check the list of best apps banned from the android play store.

List of Best Banned Android Apps

So these are my favorite android apps that are not on the play store.

  • Lucky Patcher
  • ShutApp
  • MiXplorer
  • F-Droid

Now let’s check about each of the apps in detail. Let’s start!

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher app

The first app that I am gonna talk about is Lucky Patcher. For those who haven’t heard of this app, it is basically the swiss army knife for your android phone. It has a ton of tools that you can use to change an app’s behavior. It needs root access, but some of the features can be used without root too. With this app, you can fake in-app purchases, license verification, apply custom patches to apps to unlock more features, and so on. It is an awesome app, but it gonna ruin a lot of people’s carrier that is why it is not on the play store.


ShutApp app

The ShutApp is an app that you can use to force stop the application. If you are having a problem with apps like Facebook, use all your resources such as ram and CPU. You basically open up ShutApp then the app will automatically force stop apps running in the background. The app is pretty neat, but it is not as quick as greenify.


MiXplorer app

Having a 3rd party file manager on your android phone is so essential. MiXplorer is a good choice if you are looking for one. It is very minimal and so easy to use, it has a built-in image and media player which supports a wide range of formats and codecs. You can manage all your cloud storage from
this app.


F-Droid app

I’m gonna end this article with F-droid. An open-source app repository, think of it as a play store with a lot of awesome and exclusive apps. Not a lot of people know about the apps that are on F Droid. I highly recommend you to check this app out, it’s really incredible.

Wrapping Up

As I told you many people might know these apps as they were banned from the play store. These are the best banned android apps that you can use and solve your issues or problems. But it is always recommended to be careful with these types of apps. Safety is our first priority. Stay tuned to Tech Lops for more updates.

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